Renewable Energy Systems Design & Analysis
Course Goals:
At a time when energy bills are hardly out of the headlines and renewable energy is a hot topic for industry, consumers and government alike, the students will assess what would happen if we didn’t invest in renewable energy technology, given the rising global energy demand.
Course Contents:
Solar Energy: Solar Energy Harnessing, Photo voltaic technology: Semiconductor PV | Thin film PV | Organic PV | Quantum Dot PV, Solar Power Plant Design and Evaluation, Solar Thermal Modeling and Design, GRID Connected Solar System, Power Quality issues in GRID connected Solar System
Wind Energy Conversion System: Wind Energy Harnessing, Aerodynamics in wind turbine blades: No of blades & its effect in energy harnessing | Design of a Wind Turbine | Various Wind turbine Generators | Doubly-fed induction generator | Synchronous generator | WIND-PV hybrid Generation | Power quality issues in GRID connected WECS | Reactive Power compensation in a WECS
Biomass Energy:BIOMASS GASSIFICATION: Gasifier Design & Modeling, Gasifier Fabrication & Manufacturing, Gas Testing, Gas cleaning and Conditioning, Gasifier System, Instrumentation and control, Engine adaption and operation | BIOGAS: Feed Study as Kitchen waste, Process of gas formation, Purification of biogas, Construction of a designed biogas unit, Performance analysis | BIOFUEL:
Storage of Energy: Battery, Ultra Capacitors:
Smart grid
Green building techniques
Rain water harvesting
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-