NDT Certification Course
Course Contents:
Ultrasonic Testing
Fundamentals, Ultrasonic sound beams, Wave travel modes, Refraction, reflection, scattering, and attenuation, Transducers and sound beam coupling, Ultrasonic testing techniques, Basic types of equipment, Reference standards, Test result interpretation; discontinuity indications, System factors, Applications, Flaw detection, Thickness measurement, Bond evaluation, Process control, Field inspection
Radiographic Testing
Fundamentals, Sources, Castings, Welds, Assemblies, Electronic components, Field inspections, Detectors, Imaging, Non-imaging, Nature of penetrating radiation and interactions with matter, Essentials of safety, Radiographic testing, techniques, Basic imaging considerations, Test result interpretation; discontinuity indications, Systems factors, (source/test object/detector interactions), Applications, Field inspections
Magnetic Particle Testing
Fundamentals, Magnetic field principles, Magnetization by means of electric current, Demagnetization, Magnetic particle inspection technique, Basic types of equipment and inspection materials, Test results interpretation; discontinuity indications, Applications in Welds, Castings, Wrought metals and Machined parts, Field applications
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Fundamentals, Interaction of penetrants and discontinuity openings, Fluorescence and contrast, Liquid penetrant tenting, Penetrant processes, Test equipment and systems factors, Test result interpretation; discontinuity indications Applications in Castings, Welds, Wrought metals, Machined parts., Field inspections
Students are expected to know the fundamentals of analog and digital circuits. Students should have completed at least 4th Semester of BPUT.
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs.16,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs.18,000/-