Graphical System Design using LabVIEW
Course Goals:
This course will mainly introduce the students to write algorithms , logic programs and create complex applications in different fields of engineering like Industrial control , mechatronics , Advanced Communication system , Digital and image processing and other advanced fields and use various associated hardware to gain a hands on experience of acquiring complex industrial data and create efficient algorithms using graphical programming language and gain real time practical experience. Highlights of some of the real time application tools used in this training are as follows :
  • USB Daq 6009, C-Daq , My Daq with interfacing
  • Compact-Rio based on FPGA Processor
  • Analog and Digital circuit design and simulation using Elvis and Elvis-sim
  • Online image acquisition and processing using NI vision module
  • Motion control using NI Robotic vehicle
  • ARM based SV Rio
Course Contents:
Introduction to Labview | Advanced Labview environment | Design style using Modular programming | Loops and structure | Arrays and clusters | Graphs and chart | strings and files | Elvis programming and related Hardware | Robotic Module Programming | Vision module programming and interfacing
Student should complete 4th semester preferably from EIE,EEE, ECE discipline
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-