Internet of Things
Course Goals:
The explosive growth of the "Internet of Things" is changing our world and the rapid drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to innovate new designs and products at home. This Summer Course aims at IoT design considerations, constraints and interfacing between the physical world and your device. You will also learn how to make design trade-offs between hardware and software. We'll also cover key components of networking to ensure that students understand how to connect their device to the Internet.
Course Contents:
Arduino Platform :
  • Learning Arduino Platform.
  • Working with Arduino Peripherals
  • Programming Arduino with C.
  • Interfacing Peripherals using I2C, UART, 1-Wire etc.
  • IoT Application Development on Arduino.
RaspberryPi Platform :
  • RaspberryPi Platform.
  • Programming RaspberryPi with Python/Java.
  • Interfacing different peripheral with RaspberryPi.
  • IoT Applications on RaspberryPi.
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs.8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs.10,000/-