Embedded System

Embedded System
Course Goals:
To introduce the latest Embedded Technologies and software. Here the students will be introduced to ARM based application, real time operating system, VxWorks, Android Programming etc.
Course Contents:
Introduction to Embedded System: Introduction, Features, Current trends and challenges, Hard & Soft Real Time Systems. Programming Concept: Review of C Programming, Embedded C programming, Embedded Systems Design, Implementation and Testing. ARM Based Application Development: ARM Processor Basics, Programmer’s Model, ARM Instruction Set, Thumb Instructions, Programming ARM with C. Concepts Real Time Operating System: RTOS Programming, Components of RTOS, Task Management, Inter Task synchronization, Inter Task Communication, Interrupt Handling, Pitfalls for Real-Time Software Developers. Tornado and VxWorks: Tornado, Cross Development, Tornado host IDE, CrossWind Debugger, Debugger Tool Bars, Starting and stopping a debugger, WindView Software Logic Analyzer, Tornado Target Server, VxWorks: A partner in the Real-time Development Cycle, VxWorks facilities, Multiple Tasks, Inter task Communication (semaphore, Message Queues, pipes), Network Intertask communication, POSIX Shared Memory. Android Programming: Android Platform, Architecture Basics, Interface Design, Resources, Database (sqlite). Location tracking, Google Map on Android. Facebook Access from Android.
4th Semester and above Students having basic knowledge of microprocessor and programming concepts
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-