Electronic Design Automation Software Tools for VLSI/ASIC Design
Course Goals:
To introduce the latest VLSI Design Technologies and software used in the Electronics/Semiconductor industry. The software and hardware packages which will be introduced in this course are:
  • Xilinix ISE 14.1 for FPGA digital design, DSP design and implementation, Electrical and Instrumentation applications using Spartan/Virtex.
  • Embedded system application using Xilinx EDK, VIVADO and Spartan/Virtex, Z-board
  • Active HDL for VHDL/Verilog digital design and simulation.
  • Tanner tool for IC design.
  • Spice for Circuit Simulation.
  • Introduction to Cadence tool for IC Design.
  • Process Tool for silicon using Silvaco.
Course Contents:
  • Overview of VLSI/ASIC design and methodology.
  • Course on VHDL/Verilog, Spice.
  • Architectural overview of FPGA and CPLDs.
  • MOS and CMOS device physics.
  • IC design and fabrication process (Full Custom and Semi-Custom)
  • Cell Library Design.
  • Analog/Mixed signal design methodology.
  • Testing/Mixed signal design methodology.
  • Testing and Verification issues of VLSI Design.
Students are expected to know the fundamentals of analog and digital circuits. Students should have completed at least 4th Semester of BPUT.
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-