Computer Aided Simulation for Electrical Engineering
Course Goals:
To introduce the latest Tools and Software to the students to make them industry ready. Here the students will work hands on and gain knowledge about different platforms like PSCAD, E-TAP, Bond Graph Modeling, MATLAB, etc.
Course Contents:
PSCAD:(Six Days)
PSCAD Overview – GUI, Master Library, Getting Started | AC and DC System Analysis, Switching Transients Harmonic Analysis and Harmonic Impedance Scans | Parametric Study and Optimization | User-defined Models and Libraries | MATLAB Interface, FORTRAN and C Functions | Transmission Lines, Cables and Line Constant Solver Overview | Machines Overview, Converters and Drives | Overview of Renewable Energy Systems – Wind, Solar & Hybrid
Generations E-TAP: (Six Days)
ETAP Basics | Load Flow Analysis, Short circuit Analysis | Transient Stability Analysis and Harmonics Analysis | Motor Starting Analysis
Bond Graph: (Six Days)
Unified approach to physical system modeling | Bond Graphs: Basic elements of bond graph, | Constructive Laws of 3 port junctions | Power variables of Bond graph | Bond graph with simple electrical & mechanical systems | Method of Point Potential & Mixed method, Algorithm Generation: Generation of system equations, | System with differential causality, Bond graph model for structural systems
MATLAB: (Six Days)
Fundamentals of MatLab Programming and Simulink | Basic Electrical applications, Control System & Machine Drives | Mat Lab in Power system engineering and Renewable Energy Systems
Student should complete 6th semester preferably from EIE, EEE, EE discipline
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-