Advanced Industrial Automation Technology
Course Goals:
The aim is to assimilate and implement state of the art technologies in the fields of hardware and software related to real time system implementation. The focus areas are as follows: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) | Microcontrollers | Virtual Instrumentation | SCADA | Drives | MMI (Man Machine Interface) Each of the above fields is of importance either for their wide applications in industrial environment or for their applications in embedded systems.
Course Contents:
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) : General introduction to PLCs. Architecture of Messung PLC XMP8-11 and GEFanuc-MicroPLC, Detailed study of Ladder Programming, Interfacing devices with analog and digital I/O, Exposure to industrial level Applications. Microcontrollers : Architecture of the Intel 8051 Microcontroller, Syntax of 8051 Assembly Language, Interfacing devices through 8051 I/O ports, Interfacing devices through additional 8255 inter faces. Virtual Instrumentation : Designing interfaces for Instruments, Programming the VI, Designing sub VIs, Connecting the device with real time inputs through DAQ card. SCADA (Elipse) : Basics of SCADA and its applications, designing interfaces for user applications and PLC based applications Drives: Fundamentals of Drives with hands on practice to program a drive. Man Machine interfaces (MMI): Fundamentals of MMI, Programming PLCs through MMI
Some prior exposure to microprocessors and working knowledge of computers is desires.
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-